My first theme called “Brains World” for Discord and a few plugins I want to introduce which I find really useful and use myself.

To give you an idea how my Discord looks like here a screenshot:

To use themes and plugins first of all you need to install BetterDiscord which is like an extension as BetterTwitchTV for those who knows about it (For those who don’t… install it asap! 😀 )
Grab and install BD from this link: and afterwards you’ll be able to put the files into this directory:


You can grab my theme here: Download BW theme

An extra CSS snippet which allows you to have a bigger editing field (paste it into the “Custom CSS” under settings):

.textArea-20yzAH { 
   max-height: calc(100vh - 250px) !important; 

Here’s also the list of plugins:

There are lots of other plugins and theme-snippets which rauenzi offers and I can only highly recommend those to check out. A full list can be found here: