Chatbot Parameters Page & Info

Another update regarding the info pages. Finally I got the time and especially motivation to finish the Streamlabs Chatbot Parameters page. This page contains now all the available parameters within Chatbot with the corresponding type or area which you’re able to use it and a description on what the parameter does. Since the data is…


Here we go again..

Hey there guys, it’s been a while since I posted on this website and I wanted to give you a short update on what’s going on and what might come from now on. As you all probably did see I was quite inactive which was due to a new job and hence the missing time…


Working with SC2Unmasked

I’m glad to be able to announce that Ophidian – the creator of the website – is working together with us from now on.

This means in generall two things for the StarCraft II scripts:

  • More accurate informations
  • More informations about players in general

We made the first step with the new versions of the StarCraft II scripts this weekend where following features were included:

  • SCII MatchInfo: Real-time Unbarcoding
  • SCII MatchInfo: Opponent Streamer Shoutout

The real-time unbarcoding will replace the barcode of a player with the actual name in the Title or in the textfile.
Important note: This is the first experimental version and we don’t know how accurate it will be in the beginning but we don’t expect many mismatches.

We’re also checking now if the opponent is a streamer and currently live. If that’s the case you can customize a message and automatically let the chatbot post a message in your chat with the link to his twitch channel.

I personally think that Ophidian is a great partner for this kind of project and hopefully it will make all more easy, more accurate and even more features in the future!


Hello Brains World!

Welcome to the second version of my Website – Brains World.

The first version was created two years ago mostly just to present myself as a Twitch streamer and the social things I’m on which are mainly Twitter and Youtube.

Since my focus currently lies somewhere else, I changed the website and its structure from the ground up to fit. So you’ll find news, presentations, guides, and downloads about the development projects I’m working on, which are mostly about SL Chatbot scripts or other tools for streamers.

I also added a section where I introduce some of the basic informations about Chatbot (Commands, Parameters, etc.) and also other useful scripts which I think are worth to mention and share. You’ll find the most recent versions of every script with an introduction, screenshots and download + links. I also started working with two other people, and I hope we can produce some good quality video tutorials and guides in German and English. I’ll post about it when it’s time 😉

Stay tuned~