StarCraft II MatchInfo

Twitch Title & Overlay files

MatchInfo is a script which uses the opponents infos and tries to find him on sc2unmasked. If found – it enables you to use those infos immediately for either your Twitch stream title or inside textfiles which you can use in your OBS overlay as text sources. As addition it will also show you your own MMR.

So in short those informations are usable:

  • Both player names
  • Both player races
  • Both player MMR
  • Matchup
  • Revealing of barcodes and smurfs
  • Shoutout to the opponent if he’s streaming as well (support for multitwitch and other platforms)


As you might see in the UI when you installed the script there are two different “Overlay file” types which are explained here:

Textfiles – On Change

Replaces the current info as soon as new infos are available (New opponent, etc.).
Example: You put “$p2name” in a field.
– You have a new game vs. PlayerXY and hence the textfile will contain PlayerXY.
– Afterwards you’re back into the menu and it still shows PlayerXY.
– Now you’re in a new game and the opponent is PlayerXXX. Now it will change from PlayerXY to PlayerXXX.

Textfiles – Change On Scene

Replaces the current info when you switch to a new scene in StarCraft II itself (In game, In Menu, In Replay, etc.).
Field “On Scene – In Menu” contains “$p1mmr $p1race”
Field “On Scene – In Game” contains “$p1mmr $p1race playing against $p2name”

– You’re in the menu and the textfile contains “4000 Zerg”.
– You have a new game vs. PlayerXY and hence the textfile will contain “4000 Zerg playing against PlayerXY”.
– You won the game and you’re back in the menu. The textfile shows “4050 Zerg” (because you gained 50 MMR with this game).


  • v2.0.2
    • Opponent Streamer Shoutout: Added option to use Multitwitch link instead when opponent is streaming on Twitch
    • Added/fixed streamers from other platforms for shoutouts:,,, Afreeca
    • “Un-Barcoder” was renamed to “Reveal Barcodes and Smurfs”
      • It will also display the real name when using a smurf
      • Changed the way it works slightly
    • Overhauled the UI labels/tooltips
    • Added some default values for textfields/overlay textfiles
    • Fixes & Logging
  • v2.0.1
    • Changed methods to support Chatbot .29+ versions
    • Added a more detailed logging
    • Added a blacklist for streamer shoutouts
    • Fixed issue with the un-barcoding feature
  • v2.0.0
    • Renamed “Title Updater” to “MatchInfo – Twitch Title & Overlay” since more features were added then just title changing
    • Added the “Open readme” button
    • Added two buttons: First for creating the oAuth token and second for all usable variables in the fields
    • Overhauled the whole menu on the right
    • Moved the overlay files to a sub folder
    • Renamed the overlay files to make it more obvious/easier to distinguish
    • Implemented options for Region and the method to find the opponent
    • Implemented dual pc setup usage
    • Working together now with / Ophilian which enables:
      • Addition of the first version of the “Un-Barcoding” feature
      • Shoutout option in chat if the opponent is streaming too
      • More accurate and more infos about opponents
  • v1.0.2
    • Necessary changes since AnkhBot became Streamlabs Chatbot
    • Renamed “StarCraft Accounts” to “Player Names”
    • Using regex to get MMR from RankedFTW now
  • v1.0.1
    • Added buttons that take you directly to your app creation in twitch
  • v1.0.0
    • First release
  • Scriptname: SC II MatchInfo
  • Author: Brain & Burny
  • Last Update: 2018-03-10
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