Chatbot Parameters Page & Info

Another update regarding the info pages.

Finally I got the time and especially motivation to finish the Streamlabs Chatbot Parameters page.

This page contains now all the available parameters within Chatbot with the corresponding type or area which you’re able to use it and a description on what the parameter does. Since the data is not really in a format which I can display it like the commands I decided to use a data table style for the those.

That means you’re able to quickly search, sort and filter all the data and find exactly what you’re looking for. I might add examples at some point but I’ll see for now how it works out.

On a small note I also updated and added some useful infos and links on the general Chatbot info page.

If you want to give some feedback or ideas – just join the discord server and post it in the #feedback channel there. I’ll gladly change up things when it makes sense and would make it more useful & accessible.